What We Do


As a private multifamily investment firm we work together to create long-term value for our investors, residents and communities.

As a sponsor, IMG:

  • finds the investment property
  • assembles investor capital and financing to acquire the property
  • oversees all aspects of due diligence for our investor group
  • oversees management and capital improvements to the property as the asset manager
  • distributes cash flow to our investor group
  • communicates asset performance to our investor group throughout the ownership period
  • arranges for the sale of the property

We're dedicated to elevating the potential of every property we touch, and to enhancing the lives of those who live and work in them.


Asset management is the critical layer between the owners (investors) and our property management staff.

As an asset manager, IMG:

  • supervises third-party property management
  • conducts property budgets and reports
  • negotiates contracts
  • construction manages property renovations
  • tracks market trends
  • executes refinancing and dispositions
  • reports transparently to owners

IMG is focused on maximizing the value and return on investment of every property. This includes providing guidance for optimizing revenues, reducing expenses whenever possible and executing capital improvements.

We navigate strategic decisions such as refinance and sale - always in collaboration with the co-owners.


Have a question? Check our Learning Center or schedule a call with us to learn how your personal portfolio goals might be a good match with our multifamily offerings.