Our Portfolio

We own and asset manage 5,500 apartment units nationally. Our current portfolio has a market value exceeding $1 billion.

Since 2010, IMG has acquired over 12,000 multifamily units ($1.6 billion) representing 50 properties nationally. Total investor capital in IMG-sponsored multifamily real estate exceeds $600 million.

Our track record includes 25 sponsored, full-cycle investments totaling:

  • $800 million in sale proceeds
  • $53 million in property improvements/renovations
  • Average hold period: 3 years
  • Average investor IRR: 26%
  • Average equity multiple: 2.0x

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Finding security in market turmoil means choosing a prudent and experienced partner. Investors seeking safety should always evaluate a sponsor’s past investment performance and feel confident in their team of people and systems in place.

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For information about IMG's multifamily syndications, call us at (747) 262-5600.

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