"You guys have had the best customer service I have experienced during the [COVID-19] pandemic... Thank you." -G.K., Investor, Seattle, WA

"Your stewardship and mindfulness in the relentless pursuit of investment properties is a hallmark in the industry." -G.G., Developer/Builder and Investor, Los Angeles

"I want you to know the gratefulness we feel for your ongoing effort and hard work." -P.T., Investor, Monterey, CA

"Thank you for sharing your perspective and outlook on the multi-family commercial real estate market during these fluid times. We appreciate you and your team’s responsible stewardship of investment capital and look forward to partnering with you on new opportunities." -S.A., Investor, Austin, TX

"I can sleep at night because IMG handles my investments." -J.K., Tenant in Common investor, San Francisco, CA

"The fact that IMG offers Limited Partners the opportunity to [1031] exchange into a new deal upon a sale event is a huge differentiator between them and other sponsors." -J.F., Member Investor, New York, NY

"I appreciate the effort of your firm to do thorough due diligence. Will look forward to future opportunities with IMG." -C.C., Investor, Brooklyn, NY

"I want you to know we really do appreciate you. Your active presence and leadership at IMG really does make me feel more secure with our investments." -J.B., Investor, Tualatin, OR

"I've done my due diligence of sponsors out there- and Investors Management Group keeps rising to the forefront." -W.R., LP Investor, Portland, OR

“IMG helped me through two exchanges and made the process easy." -L.W., Investor, Portland, OR

"I visit all the properties we invest in and I’m impressed with their quality of their real estate." -M.B., Co-Owner Investor, Los Angeles

"My client has now invested in 8 properties with you and is just thrilled with IMG. They are looking to make additional investments to expand their portfolio in the future. Thanks for providing such a great service!" A.G., Certified Financial Planner, Portland, OR

"As an investor with little risk appetite for our hard-earned money, I agree with your approach." -S.I., Investor, Beckley, WV

"I love the portal. I like to see what's happening with my IMG investments in one place." -M.M., TIC and LP Investor, Phoenix, AZ

"They’re an experienced operator, and a pleasure to work with." -D.K., CRE Broker/LP Investor, Tampa, FL

"I like your views and approach on property selection, in light of where we are in the market cycle and I look forward to continuing to invest with IMG." -K.M., Member Investor, Los Angeles

“We were tired of the landlord business. By investing with IMG, we kept real estate in our portfolio but became passive owners- keeping the tax benefits, cash flow and appreciation we're used to." -S.B., Investor, Portland, OR

"IMG is easily the most professional and knowledgeable group I have ever worked with. Hopefully we can get more opportunities down the road. -S.H., Senior Underwriter (Lender), Atlanta, GA

“We’ve invested with IMG across more than a dozen deals the last several years. They’ve been a trusted partner and delivered returns." -R.R., Investor, Los Angeles

"It is a very impressive investor website portal with a lot of functionality. Kudos to IMG." -J.P., Investor, Los Angeles

"For me, the monthly payments are a priority, so getting checks every month is the goal and IMG does what they say they will do." -B.W., Investor, Austin, TX

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