"What a great job you have and are doing in the real estate environment. I know that we are going through a more challenging time, and your cautious and conservative approach are greatly appreciated." -P.T., Investor, San Francisco

"Given the unique macro level impacts, IMG has been great in making reasonable and appropriate decisions, and being very transparent on the situation for each property. It is much appreciated. I am impressed by the depth of financial information shared on a monthly and quarterly basis. IMG has been the most transparent out of all my sponsors and will be one of three that I will retain and funnel more funds to in the future." -R.K., LP Investor, Los Angeles

"I can sleep at night because IMG handles my investments." -J.K., Tenant in Common investor, San Francisco

"You guys have had the best customer service I have experienced... Thank you." -G.K., Investor, Seattle, WA

"Your stewardship and mindfulness in the relentless pursuit of investment properties is a hallmark in the industry." -G.G., Developer/Builder and Investor, Los Angeles

"I want you to know the gratefulness we feel for your ongoing effort and hard work." -P.T., Investor, Monterey, CA

"Thank you for sharing your perspective and outlook on the multi-family commercial real estate market during these fluid times. We appreciate you and your team’s responsible stewardship of investment capital and look forward to partnering with you on new opportunities." -S.A., Investor, Austin, TX

"The fact that IMG offers Limited Partners the opportunity to [1031] exchange into a new deal upon a sale event is a huge differentiator between them and other sponsors." -J.F., Member Investor, New York, NY

"Thank you for your continued excellent, strategic management of the portfolio and really fine communication." K.F., CrowdStreet Investor, Seattle, WA

"I was very much impressed by the [investor webinar] meetings so far. It tells a lot about your company and team. You guys are most communicative, superbly organized (data, analysis, projections, etc), and provided way more info than an investor could hoped for. I really appreciate your team's work and so glad our investments are in good hands." -C.T., TIC Investor, San Jose, CA

"I appreciate the effort of your firm to do thorough due diligence. Will look forward to future opportunities with IMG." -C.C., Multifamily Investor, Brooklyn, NY

"IMG is a class organization and a pleasure to work with." J.G., Tenant in Common Investor, Orange County, CA

"I want you to know we really do appreciate you. Your active presence and leadership at IMG really does make me feel more secure with our investments." -J.B., Investor, Tualatin, OR

"I've done my due diligence of sponsors out there- and Investors Management Group keeps rising to the forefront." -W.R., LP Investor, Portland, OR

“IMG helped me through two exchanges and made the process easy." -L.W., 1031 TIC Investor, Portland, OR

"I visit all the properties we invest in and I’m impressed with their quality of their real estate." -M.B., Co-Owner Investor, Los Angeles

"My client has now invested in 8 properties with you and is just thrilled with IMG. They are looking to make additional investments to expand their portfolio in the future. Thanks for providing such a great service!" A.G., Certified Financial Planner, Portland, OR

"As an investor with little risk appetite for our hard-earned money, I agree with your approach." -S.I., Investor, Beckley, WV

"I love the portal. I like to see what's happening with my IMG investments in one place." -M.M., TIC and LP Investor, Phoenix, AZ

"They’re an experienced operator, and a pleasure to work with." -D.K., CRE Broker/LP Investor, Tampa, FL

"I like your views and approach on property selection, in light of where we are in the market cycle and I look forward to continuing to invest with IMG." -K.M., Member Investor, Los Angeles

“We were tired of the landlord business. By investing with IMG, we kept real estate in our portfolio but became passive owners- keeping the tax benefits, cash flow and appreciation we're used to." -S.B., Investor, Portland, OR

"IMG is easily the most professional and knowledgeable group I have ever worked with. Hopefully we can get more opportunities down the road. -S.H., Senior Underwriter (Lender), Atlanta, GA

“We’ve invested with IMG across more than a dozen deals the last several years. They’ve been a trusted partner and delivered returns." -R.R., Investor, Los Angeles

"Thank you for the information you send in your monthly investor brief. As always I appreciate IMG’s professionalism and thoroughness." J.H., Tenant in Common Investor, Portland, OR

"It is a very impressive investor website portal with a lot of functionality. Kudos to IMG." -J.P., Investor, Los Angeles

"Your reporting and results have been very good. My partners and I are glad to be invested in several of your properties." M.K., LP Investor, Scottsdale, AZ

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