IMG offers the opportunity to participate in single-asset multifamily investments via 506(c) securities.

Accredited investors can buy real estate with us as a:

  • Co-owner (aka Tenant in Common) using cash or 1031 exchange proceeds. This is a great option for 1031 buyers looking for steady cash flow and no daily management hassles on their replacement property acquisitions. Co-owners work directly with us to electronically sign investment, loan, and exchange documents. Typical TIC investment: $750,000-$3,000,000+
  • Limited Partner of an IMG-managed LLC in the form of a trust, entity, self-directed IRA, or as an individual. Limited Partners (aka "Members") enjoy unique advantages including tax shelter, cash flow and appreciation plus the chance to utilize a tax-deferred 1031 exchange when the property is sold. LPs electronically sign investment documents through our secure, online portal. Typical LP Investment: $25,000-$1,000,000+

Speak with our Investor Relations team to learn how your personal portfolio goals might be a good match with our multifamily offerings.

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