IMG offers the opportunity to participate in multifamily investments via 506(c) securities. Accredited investors can buy real estate with us as a:

  • Co-owner (Tenant in Common or "TIC") using cash or 1031 exchange proceeds. Co-owners work directly with us to electronically sign investment, loan, and 1031 exchange documents. Minimum investment: $750,000
  • Limited Partner (“LP” or Member) of an IMG-managed LLC, in the form of a trust, an entity, a self-directed IRA, or as an individual. Limited Partner investors can electronically sign investment documents through our secure, online portal. Minimum investment: $25,000

Co-owners and Limited Partners enjoy unique advantages such as tax shelter, cash flow and appreciation, plus the chance to utilize a tax-deferred 1031 exchange when the investment is sold.

We invite you to create an IMG Investor Portal account and complete a new profile to prepare for participation in our next investment offering. Please note that new offering announcements will be sent to the email address you provide in your IMG Investor Portal account.

IMG is currently accepting waitlist requests and pre-commitments for future apartment investment offerings.

For waitlist or general information requests, please provide as much information as you can in the form below. We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.

Note: Our 506(c) offerings are available to accredited investors on a first-fund basis.

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272 units Atlanta Metro

Fully Subscribed

Targeted IRR: 14.00%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.82x
Target Hold Period: 5 years