Partner Nominees

  • Walter, Chief Alpaca Tracker
  • Chloe, Work-Life Balance Su-paw-visor
  • Boogie, Branch Manager
  • Maxwell, Senior Meowthematician
  • Joe, Fertilization Specialist
  • Eve, Social Committee Chair
  • The Wolf Whisperer, Investor Relations Specialist
  • Smaug, Retired Chamillionaire Investor
  • Leo, Head of Security
  • Roman, Special Undercuddler Insurance Operations
  • Butter & Pickles, IT Specialists
  • Charlie, Chief Financial Pawfficer
  • Sylvie, Portland Office Manager
  • Riley, Assistant Matey
  • Maya, Senior Pup-licist
  • Lola & Merlin, On-Air Purr-sonalities
  • Fred, Ca-Cawperations Consultant


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Recognizes aspiring talent poised to launch successful careers
Honors above-average attendance records at WFH zoom meetings
Distinguishes outstanding job performance and service to IMG and the community
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