Larisa uncropped



Proficient in all aspects of office management, Larisa brings a strong background in bookkeeping and administration work to the IMG team.

Prior to joining IMG’s Woodland Hills office in 2017, Larisa held the role of Accounting Clerk at European Investment Management Services where she took on a full range of accounting responsibilities.

Larisa is fully compliant and qualified in all areas of bookkeeping and in the use of numerous accounting software packages. She received a Legal Adviser Diploma from Moscow Law Institute and is a Certified Office Assistant.

Do you have a favorite author?
Yes. Russian author Anton Chekhov. I like his short stories and novels.

What skill have you mastered outside of work?
I'd qualify myself as a good cook. All of my friends and relatives love my Thanksgiving dinner. One holiday, I decided to order a pre-cooked turkey from a nearby bakery instead. The manager even assured me that it would be served hot and ready to eat, "from us to your table". You should have seen our faces when the turkey arrived— completely frozen. (Luckily I had plenty of backup food prepared.) Now every holiday, we remember the poor frozen bird and laugh.

What’s the best place to be when you aren’t working?
I love to get outdoors and hike.

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