On March 16, Principal Karlin Conklin and Investor Relations Manager Dave Mikkelsen shared key updates and insights on current IMG investment offerings. Click below to view the recorded webinar.

Contact: Dave Mikkelsen
(747) 262-5652

Investors Management Group offers multifamily investments via 506(c) securities to its partners investing cash, self-directed IRA funds and 1031-exchange proceeds. In our Tenancy in Common ownership structure, accredited investors may invest as a:

  • Limited Partner (minimum investment: $25,000) in the form of a trust, an entity (LLC), a self-directed IRA, or as an individual
  • Tenant in Common owner (minimum investment: $750,000) using cash or 1031 exchange proceeds

Limited Partner (“LP” or “member”) investors can electronically sign investment documents through our secure, online investment portal. TIC owners work directly with us to electronically sign investment, loan, and 1031 exchange documents.

Note: Our 506(c) investment offerings are available only to verified accredited investors on a first-come basis.


228 units  San Antonio, TX

Targeted IRR: 12.3%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.7x
Target Hold Period: 5 years