As real estate investors, we know the importance of planning ahead.

Supporting family and charitable organizations is a common investing goal, and estate planning is one of the kindest things one can do for their beneficiaries. Yet only 34% of American adults have an estate plan, and of those, 20% have not updated their plan in the last five years*.

We designed this guide to help you organize your thoughts and important documents in preparation for meeting with your estate planning team.

Estate Planning Apartment Owner Investors

IMG does not offer estate planning services; however, we welcome the opportunity to share how multifamily real estate ownership can become a part of your legacy planning. To request information about our upcoming investment offerings, contact the IMG Investor Relations team at (747) 262-5600 ext. 652.

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This communication and the information contained in this guide are provided for general informational purposes only and should neither be construed nor intended to be a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any security or otherwise to be investment, tax, financial, accounting, legal, regulatory or compliance advice. The questions are meant to act as an aid in formulating your decisions and expressing them to your estate planning attorney. Filling in the blanks does not act as a substitute for executing estate planning documents with the help of an estate planning attorney. Investors Management Group, Inc. (“IMG”) does not provide legal or tax advice. Consult your team of skilled professionals, including your financial planning professional, estate planning attorney, tax advisor and trust officer, as you develop or modify your estate plan.
*D.A. Davidson Companies, 2022