Asset Management

Our advisors work closely with property owners throughout the life of the investment to give guidance on rental rates, operations and opportunities in the market. We also provide annual opinions of value to help our clients make strategic decisions regarding the sale of their property.

In addition, we work alongside the professional asset managers at Investors Management Group, Inc. (IMG) to oversee the Company’s syndication portfolio. IMG’s focus on asset management is central to successfully executing each property’s business plan and achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

IMG employs a highly active, internal team of asset management professionals who oversee all aspects of the property operations including annual budgeting, contract negotiations, renovation oversight, investor reporting, market analysis, and disposition management.

ULI Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Report 2019: “With intensely competitive conditions prevailing in the field of capital raising, evidence of astute asset management is a key point in attracting future investment.”

With “hold” maintaining its strong score in the Emerging Trends buy/hold/sell barometer, asset management is poised to occupy an even greater than usual place in the minds of real estate investors and property operators in the years ahead. It is not that asset management is ever unimportant. But in a period when transaction velocity is easing and when owners worry about reinvestment risk in the event of a sale, the ability to extract additional value from their existing portfolio is an important way to tick yields in the right direction.