What do explorers on the Oregon Trail from the mid 1800s have to do with current real estate investments? Like the ruts, or ‘desire lines’ they left on trails, modern investors can use these same lines when scouting locations for real estate investment. Collecting credible market data — and spotting trends in urban mobility before the wagon ruts get too deep — is fundamental to your investment success.

Read Karlin Conklin’s latest article that explores how these “desire lines” help guide modern-day real estate investing.


Karlin Conklin is a sought-after expert for a wide range of multifamily/real estate investment publications and events including Kiplinger, Globest.com, Multi-Housing News, and ULI. She has sourced, capitalized and helped in the repositioning of over 7,500 multifamily units raising $370 million in equity from institutional partners, Tenant-In-Common (TIC) investors and high net worth individuals. Her transactional volume exceeds $1.4 billion. Karlin holds an MBA from the University of Oregon.