Latest Gallup poll shows Americans still regard real estate as a better bet

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Stocks have had a strong 2019, with the major U.S. stock indices establishing or nearing record highs in April and early May. Still, more Americans continue to believe real estate (35%) is a superior long-term investment to stocks (27%) or other investment options.

In recent years the real estate market has been hot, with home values in 2018 the highest on record, and Americans expect home prices to continue to rise.

Americans who do not own either stocks or a home are more inclined to see real estate (31%) as a better investment option than stocks (18%), while 23% choose savings accounts or CDs.

Stock ownership remains down from where it was before the recession, perhaps because the financial crisis and resulting decline in stock values made it clear to would-be investors the downside to investing in the stock market. Even though more than a decade has passed, non-investors may remember the cratering of stock values and not want to take the risk.

Like stocks, home values also dropped dramatically during the recession but have rebounded and are worth more now than before the recession.

Source: By: Jeffrey M Jones Published: May 7, 2019